24hr Fire and Flood Clean Up - Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool

Flood Damage: Water damage can do serious structural harm to property if proper cleanup is not performed quickly.  We have offices in Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool, and have experience in all facets of flood damage mitigation and cleanup, including everything from simple leaking pipes to serious sewage back-ups.

Fire Damage: Suffering a fire can be frightening and the cleanup afterwards can be heart-wrenching.  It’s, also very dangerous if you're not properly trained.  Our cleanup specialists understand you need to recover as much of your property as you possibly can, and we have years of experience in the safest, most effective fire response and recovery techniques.

Uniqwin offers capable, professional fire and flood response services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We understand that emergency situations do not take holidays, and we are ready and able to handle the most challenging response and cleanup situations no matter when they occur.  From your initial call, until all is finished, we have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure your life returns to normal.

To minimize possible structural damage we focus on drying, deodorizing and disinfecting all damaged areas (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.).  We also offer a variety of other services, from packing and moving your belongings out of the damaged area to cleaning, painting and even remodelling.  We have experience responding to various fire and flood incidents throughout Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool, giving us the skill and experience to handle any unfortunate situation that may befall you.

Emergency Restoration Services:

• Fire, Soot, Flood and Smoke Damage Cleaning
• Document Drying Services
• Deodorizing and Odour Control
• Immediate disaster response and contractor clean up services
• Quality Control Procedures
• Coordination with local Police, Fire and EMS
• Contents and Structural Cleaning
• Debris Removal and Carting
• Dehumidification and Mould Mitigation
• Emergency Water Extraction and Cleaning
• Contractor Services






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Uniqwin Cleaning Services provide customers with an unequalled level of service. We provide specialist cleaning expertise enabling us to deal with all cleaning situations.