Graffiti Removal - Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool

Graffiti is an increasingly common form of vandalism in urban areas, and many property owners are understandably concerned about the effects of graffiti on their buildings.  Uniqwin has a comprehensive, modern approach to graffiti removal and damage prevention in the Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool areas, enabling us to provide graffiti abatement solutions second to none.

Not only do our state-of-the-art techniques work exceptionally well for general graffiti removal, we can even remove unsightly graffiti vandalism from statues and buildings of historical importance!

Many graffiti removal services are prohibitively expensive.  With the increasing frequency of graffiti vandalism, Uniqwin is pleased to offer an affordable and reliable service in the following areas:

• Post boxes
• BT phone boxes
• Bus shelters
• Bus stops
• Railway bridges
• Electricity sub-stations

Our graffiti removal techniques are far more advanced and effective than simply using standard paint removers.  Paint removers are highly toxic, as are many common graffiti removal solutions involving strong solvents.  Removing graffiti from unprotected, painted surfaces can be even more complicated, depending on the surface finish, porosity, and type and age of graffiti paint involved.  In such instances, we strongly recommend applying a protective surface coating after the existing graffiti has been successfully removed.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

We have two effective anti-graffiti treatment options which help reduce ongoing graffiti removal costs by making any future graffiti easier, faster and safer to remove.  One option is a ‘sacrificial’ anti-graffiti coating that can be cleaned off along with the graffiti paints.  This treatment needs to be re-applied after the graffiti is removed.  The other option is a permanent, protective anti-graffiti coating, which is basically a transparent, colourless paint that allows easy graffiti removal with the help of special cleaning products.  We can recommend the most appropriate anti-graffiti treatment for the surfaces requiring protection on your premises.

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