Pest Prevention - Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool

Pest infestations can threaten any home or business. Different environments face differing degrees of risk, and Uniqwin UK Ltd. understands that pest prevention services must be available whenever a problem arises. Our Pest Prevention team is able to deal with any pest situation on an individual basis, with individual solutions to meet each client's best interests.

Uniqwin's Pest Prevention teams in the Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool areas approach each situation with an open mind and an eye toward how pests could effect every aspect of your home or business. Because each situation is unique, each of our pest prevention service agreements are unique to your situation and requirements. We offer either one-off services or agreed annual visits, and are also available for emergency call outs if needed.

Rodent Problems

Danger Signs
• Visible droppings
• Damage to stock and/or fabric & furniture
• Runs evident in grassy areas and vegetation
• Apparent urine/feces odour
• Found nesting material: Shredded insulation, paper, etc.
Potential Harm
• Spread of disease or infection
• Costly damage to stock or buildings
• Contamination of food and goods
• Disruption to office or home

Biting Insect Problems

Danger Signs
• Live insects on the premises
• Insect eggs or nests on furniture or in building
• Skin irritation and/or bites
Potential Harm
• Drive away customers or guests
• Spread disease or infection
• Damage employee or family relations

Ant Problems

Danger Signs
• Live insects on the premises
• Ant pathways visible in/around premises
• Small heaps of earth/dirt at nest sites
Potential Harm
• Infest and contaminate food
• Contamination of sterile areas
• Damage building structure

Uniqwin UK Ltd pest prevention team are certified to BPCA standards

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